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Your customers pay little by little.
You get paid right away.

Your customers will get more purchasing power thanks to the freedom to break up their purchases into small payments. The credit assessment is instant!

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On the product page

The customer sees the possibility to pay in instalments, making the purchase decision easier, and to do it in 1 minute.

At checkout

The customer decides to pay with the loan "powered by Moneymour", confirms the order and is evaluated in a few moments.

After the purchase

The customer manages the loan in a simple way and without hassle: the instalments are debited automatically.

Increase sales and customers

With the freedom to break up their most expensive purchases into small payments, your customers will be able to buy more, increasing average order value and conversion rate. And with the best experience offered by Moneymour, they'll never leave you.

No risks for you

We'll pay you the full amount in 1 business day and we'll bear all risks, from chargebacks to fraud.

Real time decision

After login, your customers will only need a few moments to know the outcome of their request. If approved, you can immediately ship the order. If rejected, they will still be at checkout to pay by another method.

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