People love buying with Moneymour

Moneymour wants to improve the way people shop, enabling them to buy what they want today and pay over time. For the online shop it means increased conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Great for Shoppers, Great for Business

With Moneymour your customers have more spending power: they don’t have to delay their purchases. You can expect a double AOV on loan purchases.

100%Average Orger Value
Higher AOV

With Moneymour more people can buy, and they can buy more. It translates into a clear increase in revenues per visitor.

10%+Increase in revenue per visitor
Grow Revenue per Visitor

With Moneymour your customers will not suffer the sticker shock: more of them will buy.

+10%Conversion Rate
Increase Conversion

How Moneymour Works

Moneymour integrates seamlessly without interrupting the customer journey. See how much the customers will pay?. See how much your customers will pay.


The customer, while shopping, sees the option to buy now and pay over time with Moneymour.


They choose Moneymour as their payment method, then signs in for a real-time decision.


They choose the preferred payment plan, according to their budget.


You process the order, Moneymour settles the full amount with you, and the customer pays to Moneymour over time.



Moneymour’s mobile-first UI lets you integrate our solution both on your desktop and mobile sites.

Better Control

You can drive traffic and revenues customizing your financing offers by product, product category, cart size, or promotion.

No Credit Risk

We settle with you as soon as the order is confirmed, and take on the credit risk.

Expanded Reach

Our decision making algorithm goes beyond traditional scoring: it’s designed to reach a wider range of people.

Learn More

Find out how Moneymour can help you grow you business through higher conversion, revenues, and customer satisfaction.

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